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Guardian Weekly Article on Demand High

An article about Demand High #dhelt by Adrian Underhill and @jimscriv in this week’s Guardian Weekly!



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New! A second ready-to-use seminar for INSETT & training courses

We’ve just posted a second ready-made seminar for trainers, DOSses and others to use on their training courses, in INSETT workshops etc. 

This one might be interesting whether or not you are persuaded by the main Demand-High arguments! It focuses on encouraging teachers to really think about where the learning is going on in an activity.

Find the seminar packs here! 

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New! Observation Task 4 and the first Ready-to-go Seminar for trainers and DOSses to use

We’ve added one new Observation Task (Task 4) focusing on observing yourself: Observation Tasks

Plus we have the first of what will be a series of ready-made seminars that you can run on courses, in-service training programmes etc: Seminar 1

At the moment, we don’t really know if anybody is using this stuff we’re posting!

If you’d like to see more of it, please encourage us by giving any comments, feedback, suggestions etc – even just saying that you have used would be very helpful!

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