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Demand High – A Delta Experimental Practice (Simon Richardson)

This interesting article by Simon Richardson is about his experience of using Demand High as an Experimental Practice on Module 2 of the Cambridge Delta.  It might inspire you if you are considering which Experimental Practice to try.

Simon has successfully passed his Delta (including the Demand High Experimental Practice!) and is now an Academic Manager in Oxford.

Download Word File: DH for DELTA

Also have a look at this article on DH possibilities for Experimental Practice in Delta:  Could Demand High be your Experimental Practice?


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Implementing DHELT – Trainer Powerpoint and Session Notes (from Steve Brown)

We are very grateful to Steve Brown for this excellent session on “Implementing DHELT”

There is a Powerpoint (which Steve encourages you to adapt as you wish) and full session notes.

Feel free to use it. Try it out and let us know how it went!

Steve Brown is currently Curriculum Leader of the Languages Department in Clydebank College, Glasgow. He has written a number of articles and comments about Demand High (including critical reflections) on his own blog. It’s highly recommended! Steve takes a brilliant angle in arguing that we are not pushing far enough with DH. He takes a “Very Strong” interpretation and calls for fundamental change!

Here are some good pages to start with:


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