3XP from Alex

The document below is from Alexandra Guzik who tried the 3XP idea:

Guzik 3XP

I watched the recording and had a go at 3XP. I just thought that you might be interested in knowing how it worked with my students.




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2 responses to “3XP from Alex

  1. I do believe in revisiting and recycling classroom materials. It can start with a simple prediction activity by revealing only the title, to encourage discussion. Then, looking at the visuals, if any, to encourage further predictions – which allows them to use their prior content and functional language knowledge. From there, the activities are endless – skim and scan race, dictionary race, gap fill, running dictation, reading comprehension, deconstructing the text for structure or language. Why produce worksheets upon worksheets each week when we can 3XP it!

  2. geoffjordan

    Very good, well-organised, well-written, interesting report. Thanks.

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