Ready-to-go Seminars

We are going to create a number of ready-to-use seminars. We hope that these can help you run an interesting session of Demand-High (whether or not you are sold on it!)

The seminars are aimed at Trainers, Directors or Studies, Academic managers, interested Teachers etc who would like to offer an in-service training session.  The audience is assumed to be language teachers who have had initial training in language teaching (e.g. CELTA, Introductory certificate, MA In TESOL etc), and have had a minimum of a few months post-qualification teaching work.

Please give us some feedback! Have you used a seminar (or anything else)? Was it helpful? What could be improved?

Seminar Pack 1

Demand High Seminar Pack 1: An Introduction to DH

Demand High Seminar Pack One Powerpoint slides

Video: Adrian Underhill on “Undemand”

Seminar Pack 2

Demand High Seminar Pack 2: Learning to See Learning

3 responses to “Ready-to-go Seminars

  1. I will definitely use this material in an upcoming training day at our school. Many thanks!

  2. Hi can I use your power point in our seminar in Iran it is wonderful. If you have any topics on how to improve ELT learner and What are the best techniques. I will appreciate your help.

  3. Kristin

    Hi – so here are my (and my colleague Nick) notes on what we’re going to do with the seminar pack 1 at our PD day on March 11 (next week). My hope is that our tweaks here aren’t an offense to the originators of the session. I hope we have done the idea justice and would like to think we are paying respect to the original authors.

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